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What Is Infrared Heating And How Does It Work?

Infrared heater

Infrared heating works differently to the more traditional types of heating. Unlike conventional heaters, Infrared heating does not dry out the air and can be a much more environmentally friendly way to heat up a space. With efficiency being an important factor when purchasing anything these days, it’s wise to research your options before making a decision. 

There seems to be a couple of questions on everyone’s lips when looking for different heating options; is infrared heating any good? How does infrared heating work? To ensure you know what you’re looking for, we’ll go through how it works and help you well on your way to making your final decision.  

What is infrared heating?

Infrared heating works by directly transferring the heat from a heater to an object, or person. This differs from a standard conventional heater, which heats up the air around you first, before heating up the body. The beauty of infrared heat means that you get the heat directly from the source. This prevents unnecessary waste from the hot air being circulated around unevenly, and saves money in the process too.

How infrared heating works.  

Infrared radiation is electromagnetic. Heat is released from the heater which is then absorbed by people and objects. Infrared heaters, whether inside or outside, work by heat transfer. Because of the direct heat, infrared heating warms everything it touches. This means the heat created by this kind of heater is longer lasting, and more comfortable than a conventional heater is. These reasons alone are why more people are choosing infrared heaters over any other conventional types.

What are the advantages of infrared heating? 

There are many benefits of using an infrared heater over a traditional heater:

They heat up a space almost instantly.

If you use a normal heater to warm up a space, either inside or outside, you’ll more than likely be waiting a long time to feel the effects. However, with an infrared heater, the heat is produced straight away, without the need to wait. 

It can be much cheaper than a traditional heater.

Infrared heaters get the job done quickly, meaning you’ll not waste energy while you wait for a traditional heater to warm up a space. Running an infrared heater is much cheaper as they require less power to heat up. 

Cheap and simple to install.

By running on electricity, infrared heaters are also very simple to install. They can simply be placed in a room or outdoor space which may need a little extra warmth, and, as long as there is access to electricity, can heat up these areas in an instant. No additional pipework, no hassle. 

A variety of different sizes.

Infrared heaters come in all shapes and sizes which make them perfectly suited to any room or space. Whether you need a heating panel hung from a ceiling, mounted on a wall, or stood upright in a corner, you can find the perfect heater for your needs. Browse our range of infrared heaters to find the perfect heater for your home.

Low maintenance.

The higher quality your heating panels are, the less effort they’ll take to maintain. Infrared heaters from Aureum will last for a long time with basic care. It’s worth investing in a quality heater to get the most out of it. If you’re not sure which heater to go for, chat to us – we’re more than happy to give help and advice wherever necessary. 

There are health benefits, too. 

Did you know that there are a number of health benefits from choosing an infrared heater over a traditional heater? Infrared reduces allergy flare ups as there is less movement of air, and, as the infrared heat is absorbed by the body, it increases blood circulation. This is good for a number of things, including boosting immune functionality. 

Choose infrared heating from Aureum.

What is infrared heat and how does it work? Hopefully, you’ll now have a good idea of the process behind infrared and how beneficial it can be. We believe in the products we offer, so if you’re in need of a little more information about our service and would like to chat with us, we’re only a call or an email away!

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